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Architectural Dialogues Conference
and Presenting the Annual Awards for Urban Sustainability
On the occasion of "World Habitat Day"
3 October 2011
On the occasion of "World Habitat Day", on 3rd October 2011, the conference of "Architectural Dialogues" was held in the conference hall of National Library of Iran, with a population of about 300 people, including Iranian outstanding architects, a group of mayors, experts and students of architecture and urban planning.


This conference was opened by Mr. Reza Pourvaziry's speech, president of IAARA and manager of regional center of BLP. Then Dr. Iraj Etessam, Univ. Prof., and head of IAARA's board of trustees, delivered his speech.

Afterwards Mr. Nader Ardalan, prominent architect and sage, gave his speech on the title of "Settlement Criteria" and then Mr. Bahram Shirdel, Iranian international architect, in a panel discussion in company with, Mr. Reza Pourvaziry and Mr. Mohammad Hassan Malakpour spoke about settlement.


The statement of the "world Habitat Day" in Iran, on 3rd October 2011, was read by Dr. Iraj Etessam and after that the ceremony of granting awards on behalf of UN-Habitat was started.

The statement was as follows: 
The true understanding of sustainability's concept and its compatibility with the contemporary situation is very complex that it seems somehow impossible. Although in the field of architecture and, environment science and sustainability many great efforts has been made, but there is a big gap between words and action.  
Today, in the "World Habitat Day" ,it is worthy to appreciate all efforts and deep thoughts which has been made towards sustainability and true perception of architecture and those who are working and persevering  hard and are not afraid of hard ways. They have given true meaning of human embodiment. The importance and impact of daring architects, scientists and creative managers is felt more and more by looking at the harsh condition of the world's cities. UN-Habitat has a duty to gratitude all several- decade efforts of these great men.
Training and Capacity Building Branch,
The annual award for urban sustainability went for:

Mr. Nader Ardalan – Architect
For his ability to embody the gift of Iranian architecture to the world
Mr. Bahram Shirdel – Architect
For his deep impact on the fundamental perception of architecture and cultivating a “science of life” within contemporary Iranian architecture
Mr. Mohammad Reza Javadi
For his incisive research on Iranian classical architecture and for promoting local urban sustainability



Architecture Award:
Memar Nashr Institute
For establishing the award of “Memar” and promoting architectural professionalism in Iran

Architecture Magazine:
Architecture and Urbanism Magazine
For their efforts to promote and create awareness of architecture through public media in Iran

Mr. Naser Taghvaie
For his lifelong dedication to recovering historic values rooted in the cultural, artistic and architectural heritage of Iran

Specific Organization:
Esfahan Renovation Organization
For their outstanding contribution to the restoration of the ancient fabric of Esfahan through culturally appropriate urban planning and their determination to promote this innovative approach across Iran

Mr. Aliakbar Pourmohammadi, Mayor of Rafsanjan City
For his leadership and dedication to community led development in Iran

Urban Manager:
Mr. Mohammad Nader Mohammadzadeh
For his fearless commitment to create and support sustainable urban development in Iran

Tehran Municipality, Urban Planning & Research Center
For their efforts to digitize urban management dialogue through the launching of a web-based interactive platform

The Office of International Affairs of Ministry of Interior the Islamic Republic of Iran
For their support and commitment to deepening international collaboration through UN-Habitat programmes within the Islamic Republic of Iran

Yadavaran International Research and Publication Co,
For their commitment to promoting urban sustainability, and their contribution to the development of UN-Habitat activities in Iran
Besides some appreciation letters were granted on behalf of UN-Habitat; the recipients were:
1: Dr. Etessam
2: Dr. Hariri
3: Ms. Mahla Zamani
4: Mr. Masoud Sekhavatdoust
5: Mr. Mahdi MajidiKhah, Director General of Sam Center Co.
6: Mr. Hadi Farahani
At the following Mr. John Hogan, from Training and Capacity Building Branch, UN-Habitat delivered a speech.


In this event, Persian poster of "World Habitat Day", Mr. Naser Taghvaie's book and also the music which had been provided by the group of "Avaye Solh" were presented in public. Mr. Naser Taghvaie spoke on the book's theme and how to collaborate with UN-Habitat Program.  
A discussion panel was held with attendance: Nader Ardalan, Mohammad Reza Javadi, Darab Diba, Mohammad Taghi Hariri, John Hogan, Gelayol Mosaed, Bahram Shirdel, Reza Pourvaziri and Mohammad Hassan Malekpour


At the end the World Habitat Day event was finished by playing the music of "Avaye Solh" group.

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