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Islam, as the last monotheistic religion, has widely influenced various areas and aspects of human life. Important issues in the terrestrial and celestial lives of human beings have been taken into consideration through various terrestrial and spiritual instructions. These instructions have been organized in a proper and meritorious structure.
Settlement is no exception in this regard. This important subject has been tackled in its various aspects and across different levels. The quality of life and settlement and relative aspects of its sustainability have been taken into consideration and been thoroughly studied in Islam.
The concept of Ijtihad, which is the endeavor of a Muslim scholar to derive rules of divine law from the holy Quran and Hadith (words of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Imams (pbut)), is a related field for the analysis of old and new issues. Based on the Islamic perspectives, this is a future-oriented vision. Islam believes that the future belongs to the truth. 
The ‘Earth’ is an interpretation and representative of terrestrial life. It is a temporary settlement, which should be preserved and maintained with profound thought, justice and love.
Invading and illegally occupying a house, a neighborhood or a city are considered to be indecent and obscene at all circumstances. According to Islam, justice and balance should be honored and promoted in all aspects of life. This balance could be extended to the scope of individual life and society, and in all aspects of life.  
Nowadays, in the field of settlement, contemporary cities need the utopian vision of Islam more than ever. Today, social and environmental challenges and their unsustainable conditions are at their highest levels. The side effects and consequences of inappropriate conditions of life, social rupture, and the high level of environmental pollution have caused serious challenges to mankind. All these problems have led to major global threats such as the appalling condition of climate change and global warming. 
"Preliminary Assembly of Islamic Cities", strives to achieve the following two major goals through holding the first "Islamic Cities World Assembly" while taking an approach to settlement criteria in Islam.
First, although the Islamic criteria and rights of settlement are very precise, fine and profound, but a very small percentage of those have been considered and applied. Contemporary cities in the Muslim countries have not been formed and developed according to the fundamental principles of Islam. Perhaps it was more considered in the past. It is worthy that urban manager and mayors notice and apply the details and generalities of these instructions.
Second, many of the principles and international criteria of sustainable settlement have been considered in the content of Islam. These issues have been much more emphasized in Islam than in the scientific institutions of the contemporary world. This issue should be discussed and presented in the contemporary world and in the global scale in order to promote the values and capacities of Islam.
Therefore, this forum intends to work with all the professors, scientists, scholars, and researchers in the field of religious sciences, urban management, urban design and planning, and architecture to participate in this forum. Relying on the spiritual and metaphysical values of Islam and their application in the urban realm of Islamic countries, we hope to provide an appropriate framework to promote sustainable settlement and introduce successful sustainable cities – in form and experience to the world.

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- Sustainable Settlement criteria in Islam


Pivotal Themes

-  Essays on the concept of "sustainable development" in Islam1
-  Islamic economy and sustainable development
-  Space in the Islamic city
-  Society in the Islamic city
-  Culture in the Islamic city
-  Human beings in the Islamic city
-  Knowledge in the Islamic city
-  Aesthetics in the Islamic city
-  Settlement Criteria in Islam
-  Management in the Islamic city
-  Public participation in the Islamic city
-  The ideals of the Islamic city, and the Islamic utopia Exhibition
On the sideline of the conference, a 3-day exhibition will be held, in which Islamic cities will introduce their own experiences and activities in relation to the Islamic City

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