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Urban Sustainable Development Programme (USDP)

"The overall human settlement objective is to improve the social, economic and environmental quality of human settlements and the living and working environments of all people, in particular the urban and rural poor."
Agenda 21, chapter 7, clause 4

Urban Sustainable Development Programme (USDP) aims to promote sustainable development through Livelihood Strategies & Urban Tourism. IAARA & UN-HABITAT selected the historical city of Qazvin as the pilot city for the program. The official opening of USDP was held in January 2006 with the presence of Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT. USDP is formulated with the aim of strengthening urban development programs.

The city of Qazvin has enormous potential due to its rich culture, natural wealth, industrial sectors, and its proximity to Tehran. With the promotion of living quality, this city has the capability of attracting the surplus population of Tehran.

USDP endeavors to reach its goal through financial and human resource management, capacity building, and the use of scientific tools. Its aim is to design programs that are environmentally healthy and culturally sensitive with the intention of promoting tourism. The promotion of tourism can be used as a strategy for sustainable development, and can also be a way for decentralization in urban development and the reduction of discrepancies among different regions.

For USDP to be successful we need the involvement of international organizations from one side and the support and participation of local people, social institutes, NGO's, and the government on the other side.

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