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Local agenda 21 for Qazvin city
The workshop of summarizing and presenting of this document

Public forum of Local Agenda 21 for Qazvin city; at the following of previous one on 10th Jul 2008, were held at Azad University of Qazvin on 8th Dec 2010.

This ceremony was launched by the speech of Mr. HamedManifar, Deputy of Housing and Development Organization of Qazvin Province. Then Mr. Nader Mohammadzadeh, Head of Housing and Development Organization of Qazvin Province, gave a speech about the method of compiling of this document for Qazvin city.

After that Mr. Reza Pourvaziry; Regional Director of BLP under UN-Habitat, referred to the performance of UN-Habitat in compiling and providing of this document and Mr. Mohammad Hassan Malekpour, secretary of steering committee, mentioned the process of compiling of this document and after him Mrs. GelayolMosaed explained it in detail.

At the end of this ceremony, there was a panel by attendance of Mr. HamedManifar, Mr. Nader Mohammadzade, Mr. Syed AhmadNasri, Mr. RezaPourvaziry, Mr. MahdiMojabi, Mr. Mohammad HassanMalekpour and Mrs.GelayolMosaed in which all the chapters of this document were read out to people.

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