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"No War"

On November 5, 2008 IAARA presented Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT and Under Secretary General of the United Nations, with a 70x70 painting with the theme of "No War" at the 4th session of the World Urban Forum
for the promotion of goodwill and peace.

The painting is the work of famous Iranian artist Parviz Kalantari who has created a total of seven paintings with the support of IAARA.

The following contextual introduction to the exhibition of these works during WUFIV has been provided by Mr. Kalantari himself.

Following the attack on Iran, this design was created on a ceramic piece in October of 1990, to become part of a peace memorial in Oakland Park, California. This work of art makes reference to Iranian culture and its literature and poetry that have always heralded love and friendship.
But Iran had its borders invaded.

In December 12, 1993, a Swedish artist invited all the artists of the world to participate in the creation of a work of art that would symbolize peace.
In answer to Mr. Boman's letter I sent a fistful of dust and a bag of straw from the wheat fields of Iran, and wrote, "Mr. Boman, your proposal which is an artistic step towards peace is very pleasant for me, an Iranian who has endured eight long years of war. I am sending you a fistful of dust from the vast lands of Iran, dust from an ancient land that has had a significant impact on human civilization, dust from a land that despite being under constant threat and siege has poetry and literature filled with love and friendship among humanity. Also, enclosed is a bag of straw from fields that have burned in the unwanted fires of an eight year long war. The poetic Iranian view on dust warns: "value the opportunity of life before you turn to dust.""

This time too, worries about the tragedy of war have resulted in a collection of paintings on broken glass. These paintings on glass show innocent images from lives that have been broken and scattered due to war. Here a formal break has taken place, which is a characteristic of modern art, and the reassembly of the image occurs in the mind of the active observer.

These works will be shown from November 3-6 in China as part of the 4th session of the World Urban Forum organized by UN-HABITAT. This show, along with some of the topics of the forum, particularly in war torn places like Afghanistan and Iraq, will focus on issues such as war, violence, instability and immigration.

Parviz Kalantari
September 2008

"A Safe City is a Just City" by Parviz Kalantari
Presented as a gift to Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT and Under Secretary General of the United Nations, at WUF IV on November 5, 2008
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"Let's Spread Flowers" by Parviz Kalantari
"Don't Interrupt our Education" by Parviz Kalantari