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Neil Monaghan, Head of Property Services at Oxfordshire County Council, was invited to Iran by IAARA

Neil Monaghan, head of property at Oxfordshire County Council, traveled to Iran and met with IAARA officials on April 24-25, 2008.

He gave a presentation on the restoration of the Oxford Castle at the Urban Architecture Conference located at the Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum. The focus of the conference was urban identity, and Mr. Monaghan clearly demonstrated how urban architecture can be used to restore a historical site and at the same time maintain its original identity.

Mr. Monaghan along with IAARA President Reza Pourvaziry also traveled to the historical city of Esfahan and visited its many remarkable spots such as Khajoo Bridge, Sio Seh Pol, Baghe Fin, Jame Mosque, Menar Jonban, Naghshe Jahan, Chahar Bagh, Chehel Sotun, and the historical Shah Abbas Hotel.

Mr. Neil Monaghan delivering a speech at the Urban Architecture Conference at the Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum on April 24, 2008
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