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IAARA wishes leading advisor and inventive architect Hassan Malekpour a very Happy Birthday!

Maryam Shokri: There is a special serenity about him that can be seen in everything he does, such as the way he walks or the way he speaks. He does not put unnecessary stress on you.

Rahman Asadi: He is relaxed, peaceful, good hearted and has a good sense of humor.

Razieh Noori Shirazi: Calm and overall just everything about him is excellent.

Ali Shams: Presice, with a likable laughter. He drives fast though.

Peyman Khalaj: Very …

Ali Zandi:  Calm on the surface but with fire burning inside. It's interesting how sometimes he suddenly bursts into laughter.

Mansour Ijadi: A positive person.

Gelayol Mosaed: I agree with everyone.

Hassan Malekpour: I have to comment on myself? I am still discovering who he is.

Reza Pourvaziry:  Choose a companion better than yourself, so that, they will teach you wisdom and faith.   [a rough translation of a famous poem by the great 13th century Persian poet Saadi]

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Hassan Malekpour, Leading IAARA Advisor and Inventive Architect, on his birthday at the IAARA office, June 2, 2009.