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Local Agenda 21 for the City of Qazvin

"The city of Qazvin is a very significant and historical city.
In my visit to Qazvin I realized that the city has a lot of potential to achieve sustainable development.
Local Agenda 21 is a considerable document which will prepare the city for any kind of international collaborations.
I am very pleased that Qazvin has participated in this project and I hope that the Local Agenda 21 of Qazvin will be a considerable paradigm for other cities of the world which are inclined to move towards sustainable development."

Eduardo Lopez Moreno
Chief of Global Urban Observatory

The Localizing Agenda 21 Programme (LA21) aims to help local authorities in secondary towns to achieve more sustainable development by implementing an environmental planning and management process to identify and address priority issues.
Currently IAARA is formulating the local Agenda 21 for the historical city of Qazvin.


Sustainable urban development and promotion of housing quality

LA21 for Qazvin will be carried out through a spatial development program for a previously defined part of a historical location in the city.

To localize development through public participation


  1. Setting up the steering committee
  2. Extract the relevant chapters from the global agenda 21 and to apply them to the local agenda 21 for Qazvin
  3. Organize a workshop for the deliberation of the steering committee on the thirteen chapters of the local agenda 21 for Qazvin
  4. To conduct site research and to visit key areas
  5. Call for local people and professionals to attend a public workshop in order to obtain their opinions about the thirteen principle subjects
  6. Organize and implement a public workshop with the participation of local people and professionals
  7. Organize a workshop with the steering committee and local government managers in order to summarize and analyze the opinions of the people on the thirteen principle subjects
  8. Generate a draft of the local agenda 21 methods, strategies, and projects
  9. Conference for the approval of the final resolution of the local agenda 21
  10. Provide designs and plans for the pilot site
  11. Submit the local agenda 21 documentation to UN-HABITAT
  12. Make necessary preparations for a book on the process and compilation of local agenda 21
  13. Publish the process and compilation book
  14. Publish the local agenda 21 book

Public Workshop
IAARA organized a workshop with the help and participation of well over 300 local Qazvin citizens on July 10, 2008.
To successfully formulate the local agenda 21, it is important to collect the opinions of the public as well as the local professionals, especially when it comes to development.
The workshop was located in a beautiful and historical caravan station located in Qazvin, and is the first of its kind in the city.
Thirteen different workshops, each with a different subject, were available to the participants.

Steering Committee

Bernd Lotsch
Director General of the Natural History Museum of Vienna
Professor at Vienna University

Vice Chairman
Mehdi Mojabi
Professor at Elm va Sanat University

Hassan Malekpour
Researcher & Architect

Reza Pourvaziry
President of the International Art & Architecture Research Association

Mohammadnader Mohammadzadeh
President of the Housing and Urban Development Organization of Qazvin Province

Hamed Manifar
Deputy President of the Housing and Urban Development Organization of Qazvin Province

Gelayol Mosaed
Researcher & Architect

Mohammad Taghi Hariri
Professor at Tehran University

Mohammad Reza Helforoush
Institute for process management & interdisciplinary planning
Vienna University of Technology

Principle organizations

  1. United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
  2. International Art & Architecture Research Association (IAARA)
  3. Housing and Urban Development Organization of Qazvin Province
  4. Natural History Museum of Vienna
  5. University of Vienna
International Art &
Architecture Research
A s s o c i a t i o n
A traditional courtyard house under renovation located in the LA21 site in Qazvin
A traditional courtyard house too damaged to be renovated located in the LA21 site in Qazvin
A century old renovated caravan station in the historical city of Qazvin