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Workshop on City Development Strategies (CDS)
December 14-18, 2008
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK
Oxford Brookes University
Prof. Peter Townroe
DPU Associate, Emeritus Professor Sheffield Hallam University
Globalisation and urban competitiveness
This presentation provides a brief introduction to economic globalisation, its impact on city economy and urban development. The presentation will provide a broader reference point for the workshop as a whole. It includes discussion of different factors including trade in manufactures, services, raw materials and food, linked to changing structures and strategies of Multi National Corporations. Other factors considered will be the structure of GATT and the WTO, trade and industry policies of governments, the international flows of finance and investment and forms of competition and associated cultural shifts
Dr. Ramin Keivani
Research Director, OISD-ILM Oxford Brookes University
CDS process: a methodological overview
This session provides a general overview of the process of undertaking a CDS study and consultancy project. It traces and introduces the main activities involved in the CDS project from inception to the final dissemination. It focuses on the overall methodological approach to undertaking CDS studies and the main conditions and institutional requirements that are needed for success
Eleni Kyrou
Lecturer/Consultant, Development Planning Unit, UCL
Focus on studies for city poverty and its analysis
The session on City Poverty Analysis will provide a brief review of dominant debates on the nature, spatial scope and measurement of urban poverty, therein drawing from a considerable range of current institutional practices. Following this, the focus will shift onto the principal section of the session and will present the main components of a City Poverty Analysis/ Assessment (CPA), highlighting inherent challenges and pointing at the methodological tools most appropriate for its  undertaking. The framing of this session will be firmly rooted in the context of a CDS undertaking and relevant illustrated examples of CPAs undertaken in middle income countries shall be provided.
Prof. Peter Townroe
DPU Associate, Emeritus Professor Sheffield Hallam University
Unbundling the urban economy: how to anlayse the economy of a city?
This session will focus on how to analyse the economy of  a city, to gain an appreciation of past trends in the size and skills of the labour force, on the productivity and output levels, on the changing sectoral and occupational mix in the structure of the economic activities undertaken. Other issues to consider will be sources of competitiveness and comparative advantage with other cities, the influences of local, regional and national policies and sources of entrepreneurship and innovation. As part of this the session will introduce the main techniques of urban economic analysis such as cluster analysis, input-output analysis and location quotients.
Prof. Patrick Wakely
DPU Associate, Emeritus Professor UCL
The participatory approach: methods and practice
The participation of citizens and key stakeholders is a fundamental element in the CDS approach. The participation and the engagement (buy-in) of all the principal stakeholders is central to the success of any city development strategy. In particular active participation is fundamental to the formulation of a meaningful ‘Vision’ and the prioritising and implementation of ‘Action Plans’.  In addition the CDS must be a vehicle for capacity building and an educational process to train local city cadres/researchers for maintaining and adapting the CDS and City Vision for the future. This is primarily achieved through the participatory process. This session will utilise global experience in participatory planning and development approaches to not only explain the principles and theories of the participatory approach underlying CDS but also examine how this can achieved in an effective and meaningful manner and to obtain desired outcomes in terms of CDS objectives.
Dr. Adriana Allen
Senior Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, UCL
The city environment and its management
This session will provide a review of the main issues necessary for the environmental sustainability of cities. This will include ways of enhancing sustainable behaviours by the public and private sectors and citizens. It will draw on international experience to examine national and international policy imperatives and drivers including international agreements such as Local Agenda 21 as well as challenges for institutionalising such policy initiatives.
Prof. Peter Townroe
DPU Associate, Emeritus Professor Sheffield Hallam University
Unbundling the urban economy: how to anlayse the economy of a city?
This session will examine pattern of responsibilities to be paid for, the range of sources of revenue available to a municipality (tax, borrowing, subvention), issues in revenue collection, issues in the management of expenditure, accountability, the financing of urban infrastructure investments, including the potential involvement of the private sector in both financing and development. The session will draw on international examples to illustrate the discussions.
Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Ramin Keyvani
Research Director, OISD-ILM Oxford Brookes University
International Art &
Architecture Research
A s s o c i a t i o n
IAARA in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University organized a two day workshop on City Development Strategies for a number of Iranian urban managers and professionals.
Iranian delegates with Dr. Ramin Keivani, Prof. Peter Townroe, and Eleni Kyrou at Oxford Brookes University Bukley Research Building on December 15, 2008