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A Specialized Course on the Rule & Regulations of Construction was organized with the partnership of the Kuala Lumpur Municipality

Iranian delegates traveled to Kuala Lumpur on Oct 19-27, 2008 to attend Workshop organized in cooperation with the Kuala Lumpur Municipality.

The delegates were received by Dr. Ali Parsa, Professor at South Bank University, who accompanied the delegates on the one week course which included meetings with private contractors, local authorities, and the Master Planning Department of the City Hall.

The City Hall shared their vision of 2020 with the delegates, while the private developers introduced urban development projects and reviewed the rules and regulations of development in Malaysia. A meeting with the local authorities of Shah Alam covered the Urban Planning and Policies of development in Malaysia.

The delegates also had opportunities to visit and evaluate sites under construction in addition to an Eco Park.

Delegates gather for a group picture with the local government of Shah Alam
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Delegates at an Eco Park in Malaysia