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An Urban Ecology Workshop with excursions was organized in cooperation with the Natural History Museum of Vienna

Iranian delegates traveled to Vienna on July 19, 2008 to attend an Urban Ecology Workshop organized in cooperation with the Natural History Museum of Vienna.

Delegates were received by the General Director of the museum Professor Bernd Lotsch who took the delegates on several excursions on selected topics of Urban Ecology which included the city farm, Natural History Museum of Vienna, windmill visit, Professor Lotsch's Eco House, the painter Hundertwasser's "Green Architecture", and a solar optimized penthouse by Photovoltaic Austria.

Delegates had the privilege of meeting the president of Photovoltaic Austria, Dr. Hans Kronberger, National Park Ranger Martin Weixelbraun, and the representative of the Vienna Mayor.

Aside from the excursions Professor Bernd Lotsch gave an informational presentation at the Natural History Museum's conference room.

Delegates were also treated to a two day visit to the historical city of Rome where they had the opportunity to explore various remarkable sites such as the Coliseum.

Delegates gather at the rooftop of an optimized solar penthouse for a group photo in Vienna on July 21, 2008.
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