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IAARA at the 22st Session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council

The International Art and Architecture Research Association were invited to attend the 22nd session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT.

Every two years, UN-HABITAT’s work and relationships with its partners are examined in detail by a Governing Council composed of 58 member countries of the United Nations. It is a high-level forum of governments at the ministerial level that sets UN-HABITAT’s policy and approves the agency’s work programme and budget for the next two years.

The 22nd session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT was held from March 30 - April 3, 2009. The Governing Council took place at UN-HABITAT headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.


The IAARA exhibition, optimally located near the main conference halls, constantly attracted large numbers of audiences.

On Display:

World Olympiad for Urban Design (WOUD)
Based on the protocol which was signed on April 20, 2004, WOUD is due to be held by the International Art & Architecture Research Association (IAARA) under the supreme management of UN-HABITAT.

The objective of this event is to enhance the urban space quality of all the cities in World. It will be organized as a sustainable program every 4 years in one of the member countries of UN-HABITAT.

The 1st World Olympiad for Urban Design calls the cities of the World to compete for the promotion of urban space quality with the slogan of “Creativity for Urban Sustainability”.

Human Habitation
A multi-dimensional international event on architecture, settlement & urban identity of the Persian Gulf Region, Human Habitation will be organized in London on October 5, 2009 with the partnership of the University of Westminster and UN-Habitat for the occasion of World Habitat Day.

Civilization in the Persian Gulf region has been documented as one of the oldest civilizations in the world; therefore the concept of settlement and urban identity has a unique meaning in this region.
Taking into consideration the geopolitical situation, the variety of culture and the climatic range of this region, research on these two

International Art &
Architecture Research
A s s o c i a t i o n
Reza Pourvaziry, IAARA President, and Louise Cox, UIA President, during the 22nd Session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council in Nairobi, Kenya.
Mr. Reza Pourvaziry, IAARA President, and Mr. Mohammad Yusuf Asy'ari, Minister for Public Housing of Indonesia, during the 22nd Session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council in Nairobi, Kenya.
Massive WOUD stand at the IAARA booth during the 22nd session of the UN-HABITAT Governing Council in Nairobi, Kenya.

concepts –settlement and urban identity – based on indigenous approaches can prove to be valuable and productive in attaining sustainable development.

Urban Space Journal
A specialized bilingual international journal, published by IAARA, that focuses on urban space.
The Urban Space Journal is part of a larger mission that intends to inspect different dimensions of cities with the purpose of increasing the quality of life among people.

Training of Regional Urban Managers (TRUM)
IAARA is dedicated to solving the problems of rapid urbanization and aims to accomplish this goal through the training of regional urban managers by engaging enthusiastic professionals.
Research and training form the main core of activities under TRUM.

IAARA trains regional urban managers with the partnership of numerous influential national and international organizations such as universities, research institutes, professional firms, mayors, and city managers as well as individual scholars and practitioners. Under the TRUM program IAARA has organized numerous workshops, conferences and seminars in dozens of cities around the world.

Urban Sustainable Development Program (USDP)
USDP aims to promote sustainable development through Livelihood Strategies & Urban Tourism. IAARA & UN-HABITAT selected the historical city of Qazvin as the pilot city for the program. The official opening of USDP was held in January 2006 with the presence of Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT. USDP is formulated with the aim of strengthening urban development programs.

“No War”
IAARA is a constant promoter of “No War”, which was reflected in the eight different artistic “No War” brochures distributed at the IAARA exhibition during the 22nd Session of the UN-Habitat Governing Council.


Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of the Steering Committee for the Global Campaign on Sustainable Urbanization
As a Governing Council Parallel Event, IAARA President Reza Pourvaziry was invited to participate in the “Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of the Steering Committee for the Global Campaign on Sustainable Urbanization“. Partners discussed the preliminary terms of reference and modus operandi in order to establish the Steering Committee for the Global Campaign on Sustainable Urbanization.

Meeting with Mr. Nicholas You, Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of the Executive Director of UN-Habitat
Further details of the World Olympiad for Urban Design (WOUD) were agreed upon in addition to UN-Habitat’s partnership role in the upcoming IAARA event “Human Habitation”.

Meeting with Mr. Subramonia Ananthakrishnan, Chief of Partners & Youth Section at UN-Habitat
IAARA was assured of the support of the Partners & Youth section of UN-Habitat regarding IAARA’s “Human Habitation” event. Mr. Ananthakrishnan showed interest in participating in this event as both a member of the steering committee and as a keynote speaker while the Partners & Youth section agreed to introduce scholars, professionals, academics and partner universities that have proven experience in the fields of urban identity to take on research roles for Human Habitation.

Meeting with Mr. Gulelat Kebede, Officer in Charge of the Training and Capacity Building Branch at UN-Habiat, and co-officer Mr. John Hogan.
Following the meeting IAARA is to to translate the following UN-Habitat publications in full volume

  • Local Elected Leadership Training Series
  • Financial Management Local Government Training Series
  • Local Economic Development Series

The Training and Capacity Building Branch (TCB) also agreed to introduce trainers to IAARA who are capable of teaching the above materials. In addition TCB will share their experiences and tools and also will inform IAARA of upcoming training programs, strategies and events so IAARA will be able to implement those programs in both Iran and other regional countries.

Furthermore, TCB showed great interest and will collaborate and support IAARA’s visionary idea to create an “International Center for Training Urban Managers” (ICTUM) in oxford.

Meeting with Ms. Karin Buhren, Associate Officer of the Urban Environmental Planning Branch at UN-Habitat
Results of the meeting:

  • UN-Habitat will incorporate the implementation of Local Agenda 21 for the city of Qazvin into their publications.
  • The Urban Environmental Branch of UN-Habitat will support the currently ongoing LA21 Programmes for the cities of Rafsanjan and Amol.
  • IAARA will present the Urban Environmental Branch of UN-Habitat with a new re-defined LA21 approach with the concept of "space" as its core.
  • IAARA is interested in joining SUD-NET in order to include Iranian cities.
  • UN-Habitat will provide support for expanding SUD-NET in Iran.
  • IAARA is seeking to translate the "Urban Trialogue" book into the Farsi Language.

Meeting with Ms. Louise Cox, President of UIA
Cooperation between IAARA and UIA were discussed for the upcoming World Olympiad Urban Design

Meeting with Ms. Jane Nyakairu, Chief of Information Services Section at UN-Habitat
IAARA's Human Habitation event is to be included on UN-Habitat's World Habitat Day 2009 website.

Meeting with Mr. Kenneth Kamenchu, Sports and Youth Expert of the Youth and Partners Section at UN-Habitat
IAARA explored, with positive results, possible collaborations for a future youth mountain expedition in Iran