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                    The Approval of Local Agenda 21 of Qazvin Project at the Meeting of Qazvin Planning Council

The meeting of Qazvin Planning Council, for presenting and making decision on Local Agenda 21 of Qazvin, was held on Saturday 30 Jul 2011 in the crisis management hall of Qazvin governor.
Mr. Nadery, deputy of General Governor of Qazvin Province,  Mr. Nosrati, mayor of Qazvin, Mr. Mohammadzadeh, head of Housing and Urban Development Organization of Qazvin Province, Mr. Pourvaziry, manager of Regional Office of BLP, UN-Habitat in Iran, Mr. Manifar,  deputy of Housing and Urban Development Organization of Qazvin Province, Mr. Malekpour, secretary of LA 21 of Qazvin Steering Committee, Mrs. Mosaed, member of LA21 of Qazvin Steering Committee and a group of different part of the province managers attended this meeting. 
After some explanation about the project by Mr. Mohammadzadeh, Mr. Malekpour presented the process of doing the project and relevant defined pilot project. After his presentation, the audiences asked their question; which were answered by members of the Steering Committee of LA21 of Qazvin. Then Mr. Pourvaziry made a speech on relevant taken actions on the project and also the conducted consultations with UN-Habitat in this regard.
At the end, Local Agenda 21 document was ratified by Qazvin Planning Council, with agreement of all the meeting's member.

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